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Frog or Prince’s ‘Last words about teen dating violence’ at RWJF’s healthy relationship conversation. Criteria vs Concepts.

Youth can identify things that make for a healthy relationship—respect, boundaries, balance, and so on. Can they use these concepts to make smart choices? It is difficult to apply concepts to real-life situations. I believe teens can use healthy relationship criteria to make better choices. When a teen knows how to express their wants and needs (by managing their feelings) they’ll have rock-solid criteria to influence their choices. I take examples of emotional abuse—coercion, jealousy, criticism—and use some tools from Frog or Prince? The Smart Girl’s Guide to Boyfriends to illustrate my point.

I spent five years writing “Frog or Prince? The Smart Girl’s Guide to Boyfriends.” A Prince is a metaphor for a healthy relationship; a Frog is the opposite. I wrote it after my daughter went out with a Frog. I was beside myself: Why was she with him? She either didn’t know the difference between a Frog and a Prince, or else she believed she deserved a Frog. How could she exit? Avoid future Frogs? By acquiring information, skills and tools. And by building a beautiful life. >read more

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