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Helping your daughter with her relationships

Talking about relationships.

There is no doubt, being a teenager is a challenge! They are expected to make so many big decisions and yet they are barely an adult. When you think about it, most of the important decisions we make about our lives are made when we are in our teenage years and barely know ourselves.

How do you have a relationship when you barely know yourself? How can teenagers make these relationships more successful and not feel pressurised to do something they may regret later. How will support your daughter? What does she need to know about herself?

My thoughts are below but in the meantime why don’t you help your daughter out and get her this awesome book …


The frog and the prince in the title of the book are metaphors for either a healthy relationship experience or its opposite. Healthy relationship criteria will help you make better choices–for example, choosing who your boyfriend is, and whether to stay in a relationship or to exit. They’ll help you figure out other important stuff like whether or not your boyfriend loves you and if jealousy is a sign that he does. And they’ll help you deal with things that come up in relationships, such as a boyfriend not making enough time for you, flirting with other girls, cheating on you, or breaking up with you.

Every girl dreams of living happily ever after with her Prince– but how do you tell a Prince from a Frog? This book follows Natalie, Meghan, Ella and Elizabeth through their relationships, as they gain the skills to determine if the guy they’re with is the right guy for them. Or as one reviewer put it “it is an opportunity for the reader to identify with one or all of the four girls–Natalie, Meghan, Elizabeth and Ella–who each discover who they are or who they become when they are with their guy.”

An awesome book that will help your daughter no end !

What does your daughter need to know

  1. Values – what does she enjoy doing, what is she passionate about, what does she believe in, what is important to her? How does this fit with her new boyfriend, where may they have problems?
  2. What standards does she hold about how people should behave and act? How do her standards match with his?
  3. Where does she want to be in life? Where is her future and how does that fit with her new boyfriend? If she has bags of ambition and wants to travel the world, while he wants to work in the local supermarket, what sort of life will they have?
  4. What does she respect about him, what are the things that she really admires in him and why? How can she get more of these qualities in her life? If she had them would she still want him? Quite often we can be attracted to someone, not for who they are, but for a quality they have that we want, be it freedom, rebellion, security, who knows? She needs to know this though.
  5. What does she need and expect from a relationship, can he give her this? If not, then he needs to hit the highway, baby!
  6. Are they equally matched personality-wise; this book can really support them in seeing if they are a good match and what they can do to improve the relationship.
  7. What are the things that she does not like about herself, the dark bits, how might these interfere with her relationship and how can she apply strategies to deal with them?
  8. What things is she passionate about, what does she believe in? Does he share the same beliefs? Where may these cause problems?
  9. What are the bad bits about her boyfriend, what doesn’t she like? Can she really deal with them?
  10. Do they laugh, can they have fun together, can they get over arguments quickly by not taking themselves too seriously? After all, isn’t that what a relationship is all about?

February 3, 2011 By @SarahNewton

Sarah Newton one part of the Family Communication Duo is a eclectic mix of sensitivity, wonder, common sense, wisdom and humour. Known affectionately as the Family Peacemaker Sarah’s work spanning over 14 years has seen her on 13 TV stations, 60 different radio stations and has received extensive newspaper and magazine coverage. Called Bubbles by her friends Sarah’s day job is Youth Expert, Family Peacemaker, Thought Leader, Blogger, (www.sarahnewton.com) Author, Entrepreneur, geek and crazy chic all rolled into one. The Rest of the time she is a happy mum, loving wife, adventurer and closet 50′s Diva. Oh and she also fancies herself as a bit of a Dance floor http://finkcards.co.uk/

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