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April 2011,

Dear Kaycee,

“Thank you” just does not seem adequate enough to convey how we felt about your Frog or Prince: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Boyfriends’ presentation to the parents of School District 69. Your incredible knowledge and straight forward approach to relationships was appreciated by the parents and students in the audience.

I had no doubt that you would be fantastic on this topic as I had seen your presentation at the BC School Counsellor’s Fall 2010 Conference but I was impressed with your continued research and wealth of information. You had the audience engaged (which is not an easy task with multiple generations) and entertained throughout the evening. Many parents commented that this information could not only be applied to their daughters but also to their sons and themselves. Everyone in attendance appreciated all the resources that you provided and they left with increased knowledge and skills that they could easily implement.  Here are some comments that I obtained from parents who were in attendance:

  • The research on healthy relationships for youth was reassuring and helpful both as a youth worker and a parent
  • Kaycee’s presentation and book helps makes sense of the pitfalls of relationships and how girls (and women) can overcome them and get what they really deserve! 

It was such a pleasure to meet you again. Your dedication and passion towards educating youth on healthy relationships is evident in everything that you do. I look forward to future presentations and implementing your information regarding healthy relationships with girls in our community.

Many Thanks,

Shannon Confortin, B.Ed, M.C.

Ballenas Secondary School Counsellor

My talk at Ballenas Secondary School

“Frog or Prince highlights the most beautiful gift a mother can give her daughter: the common sense to love yourself more than the idea of love.  I wish I read this book back when I was 14 but I am extremely thankful that I read it at all, even at age 24!”


Shannon T. Boodram


Great Book! This book is jam packed with solid information in assisting young women in making healthy relationship choices. It helps the reader to understand the culture of today’s youth. This book lays the groundwork for sound self respect and its impact on relationships. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in further understanding the importance of adolescent relationships.

Maureen McGrath, RN, BA, NCA

Maureen McGrath, RN, BA, NCA, Sexpert. Regular Contributor Christy Clark


Women so often blame themselves when relationships go awry, or sacrifice their own needs to gain the love they desire. Frog or Prince? provides a new approach to evaluating relationships, empowering women without embittering them. Ms. Jane gives women a tangible way of assessing their own needs, and making healthy relationship choices without guilt or blame. An exceptional book.

Elizabeth Zubek, M.D., CCFP

Family Practitioner - Maple Ridge, BC

Frog or Prince? fills a necessary niche for the many young women who are not ready to trust and follow their hearts alone. It provides safety and structure as it guides them through the pitfalls of their relationships. I highly recommend it.

Brian Harris, M.D.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

In a style that is very readable and appealing, Kaycee Jane gives young women some simple tools for making wise choices in their relationships. It’s a valuable guide and will help a lot of women sort through the ‘Frogs’ and end up with a ‘Prince.’

Honorable Wally Oppal

Attorney General, Province of British Columbia

Kaycee Jane has written a terrific resource for young women but I especially want to recommend it for young men – read this book and find out, are you a prince or a frog? Ribbet!!

Meg Hickling

Bestselling Author, An Officer of The Order Of BC, and Member Of The Order Of Canada

This readable, sensible book will be profoundly useful to young women as they sort out their dating relationships. I highly recommend it to parents, educators and therapists, not to mention its target audience young women.

Mary Pipher, PH.D.

Author of Reviving Ophelia


Kaycee Jane sends a critical message: self-knowledge and self-respect are prerequisites for entering into a healthy dating relationship. At a time when young people are being bombarded by media and popular culture, it is more important than ever to figure out what social behaviour is acceptable—and what is unacceptable—to you as a proud individual. Life is not a fairytale, but happy endings are possible.

Lynn Glazier

Award-Winning Journalist & Filmmaker Director/producer of the documentary film and radio series "It's a Teen's World: wired, for sex, lies and power trips"


“Kaycee Jane has written a fun, relatable book that reminds us all that we have to find the princess in ourselves before we can find our prince. Although all our relationships may not have fairytale endings, Jane shows how to avoid common missteps along the way.”

Jess Weiner

Self-Esteem Expert, Author of "A Very Hungry Girl," & "Life Doesn't Begin 5 Pounds from Now."